Neatstrike Golf club Cleaner

Give your clubs the shine they deserve


Why ?

Have you cleaned your golf clubs lately? How often do you clean your clubs? A good set of golf clubs can cost a lot of money. Even a used set can be costly so it’s important that you protect your investment by taking care of them properly. It’s also important to your game itself. Many golfers do not realize how important it is to clean your clubs regularly. If you have grass and dirt stuck in the grooves of your club face, you are actually defeating the purpose of the grooves being there in the first place. This could be costing you strokes on the course for sure.

What is the need to clean Golf Club Heads?

•Clean Grooves Act like tyre treads to drive air, liquid & debris away from the contact surface for perfect shots.

•Clean Grooves “Bite” into the ball to create between 3,600rpm and 6,000rpm of spin, providing aerodynamic lift for longer shots plus more stability in flight.

•Dirty clubs can easily contribute to 3-4 extra strokes per round.

•Dirty club faces defeats the purpose of Grooves in Club head at first place


What is the need to clean Hand Grips?

•Oily & Sweaty grips create a loss of control on clubs.

•Grips are meant to absorb dirt, moisture & sweat and thus cleaning via NEATSTRIKE sanitizes the grip.

•Makes them last much longer because corrosive perspiration, oils and grime are removed.

•Provides maximum tackiness allowing more control and responsiveness to reduce errors.