Neatstrike Golf club Cleaner

Give your clubs the shine they deserve



1)      How much time does it takes to clean Golf Clubs & Grips?

On an average, the Ultrasonic Cleaning Cycle for Cleaning Golf Clubs & Handle Grips varies between 3-5 Minutes. The cleaning also depends upon the contamination level of Golf Club Heads and Grips. It must be noted that the Ultrasonic Cleaning can provide a much faster and more precious cleaning than the traditional Cloth Cleaning technique.

2)      Can Golf Club Cleaner damage my Golf Club?

The Golf Club Cleaner knocks the dirt particles and loosens it from the tiny cavitations on the Golf Club Heads and Hand Grips. It does not damage the Club at all. Moreover,  scrubbing the Golf Club Head can damage the Club.

3)      What should be my Golf Club cleaning Interval or In how much time should I clean my Golf Club?

Frequency of Cleaning of Golf Clubs depends of two factors

a)      Handicaps: If Low Handicap (Below 5), we recommend you to clean the Clubs in Every 1 or 2 rounds of Golf. Incase of High Handicap (Above 18), we recommend you to clean the Clubs in every 4 round of Golf.

if we simply look at the handicap factor, the average cleaning frequency is as follows:
0 to 4 –     Every Round
5 to 9 –     Every 1 to 2 Rounds
10 to 18 – Every 2 to 3 Rounds at least
19 to 27 – Every 3 to 4 Rounds at least
28 to 36 – Every 4 to 5 Rounds at least

b)      Frequency of Play: If you play a round of Golf Per week then the frequency of Cleaning is higher due to the fact that dirt, mud and grime get stuck in the Golf Club Head and Hand Grip for a considerably longer period of time causing long term damage and shortening the life cycle of the Club. The mud which remains in the Club heads is more rigid and stubborn than fresh dirt & mud thus making cleaning a more mandate criteria before play.

4)      How many Clubs can be Cleaned at Once?

The Golf Club Cleaner can handle upto a whole set of Clubs at once  i.e upto 14 or below. Please note that the machine is equipped to handle only a certain amount of Golf Clubs at a time. Incase the machine is overloaded; the cleaning efficiency of the Ultrasonic reduces thereby not providing satisfactory results. However the machine and clubs remains harmless.

5)  What consumables are to be used with the NEATSTRIKE – Golf Club Cleaner?

Normal Water along with Chemical which we recommend and supply as well. The Chemical which we suggest is completely biodegradable and non-hazardous.

6) What would be the frequency of Changing Water?

The frequency of Changing water would depend upon the number of Club Sets cleaned in a day. Normally the water can be cleaned twice / thrice in seven days if NEATSTRIKE has cleaned more than 10 Golf Sets per day.


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